Saria Carton Cool Pad Factory

Giad Factory for manufacturing cardboard cooling cells (air conditioners, greenhouses, and poultry) is owned by Giad Industrial Group. It was established in January 2014, and registered at the Ministry of Investment with registration number 365 in accordance with the provisions of the Business Names Registration Law of 1931 and the regulations issued thereunder.

Vision :

Our vision is to become the pioneers in the field of manufacturing cooling pad cells and paper industry in Sudan according to strategic plan. According to this plan, the need of the local market will be met by manufacturing the finest types of cooling pad cells and paper using the latest technical and administrative techniques.

What are cooling pad cells?

They are sheets made of corrugated kraft paper, which is formed from several layers of different sizes according to need. It is made of cardboard paper that is treated against water-absorbing damage, and some chemicals are added to strengthen it and stick it with adhesives, forming successive layers with different thicknesses and lengths according to the need for use.

The field of quality management system:

Application of the quality management system in all operations in the Giad factory for carton pad cells, starting from the supply of materials, storage, production lines, maintenance, product inspection, packaging and marketing.

Raw materials:

The factory uses the best types of special cardboard (kraft paper weighing 100 grams) highly absorbent for water, imported from Sweden, and made from the pulp of the finest trees, not recycled.
The factory uses special types of adhesives, which work on the cohesion of corrugated cardboard papers strongly and by means of thermal furnaces, which strengthens the cohesion of the paper and extends the life of the product for a period exceeding 18 months. Special chemical tonics are used for cardboard to prevent the processes of damage the cardboard and increase the water absorption capacity during the period of us. The product does not have any strong or bad smells.

Quality Policy:

The quality policy in the Giad factory for the manufacture of cardboard cooling cells aims to achieve continuous improvement of operations and sustainable growth of profits and to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan through:

– Commitment to quality and continuous improvement of all operations in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.
– Commitment to achieving the company’s strategic objectives.
– Compliance with the regulations and laws regulating work.
– Commitment to preserving the environment.
– Commitment to the continuous development of the capabilities and skills of employees through training and qualification.
– Keeping pace with technology by using the latest administrative technical techniques.
– Commitment to the application and continuous development of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015.