Saria Lead Smelter

Saria Lead Smelter was established in 2011. It is located in Al-Bagair Industrial Area in Al-Gazira State to extract lead metal with a purity of 99.97% to meet the demand of local and regional battery factories and other industries.


Production lines :

Battery cutting machine:
There are two saws for cutting batteries in one line. The two saws are operated alternately. The first one cuts batteries of sizes (40, 70 and 90 amps). The second cuts all different sizes of (40 to 200 amps). The cutting machine is considered as a key to feed non-stop production process.

Plant smelting furnaces:
There are two furnaces: The first stage of smelting process is to add ore (battery pallets) and charcoal, and extract 35% of lead is as a first stage. In the second stage, the remaining slag of smelting process is taken to the rotary furnace. The slag is considered a raw material for the furnace. The lead extraction rate in this stage is 23%, and the total extraction rate for the two stages is 58% of the total weight.

Rotary furnace:
There is one rotary furnace with a design capacity of 10 tons per day. It operates with a verna system (air and fuel).

Line filters:
Line filters consists of the following:
– Lead oxide collection chamber: It is the one that deposits most of the volatile atoms during smelting.
– Spark Extinguishing Unit: None.
– Cyclones: They work to collect some disintegrated atoms from the assembly room.
– Filters: It consists of two chambers consisting of 96 filters, and their task is to prevent the exit of atoms into the air.
– Intake fans (30 hp) and they draw fumes from the filter chamber to the cooling unit.
– Cooling unit: through which the filtered gas is cooled by the flow of water from the top and the gas out from the bottom.
– The chimney, through which the gases come out.