Saria Electronics Factory

Saria Electronic Factory was established in 1997 to introduce advanced technology in the country, contribute to technological development, establish an industrial base, and make the country suffice with electronic and electrical devices.

The factory has specialized cadres with experience of more than twenty years in the field of electronic and electrical devices. They are qualified to carry out all industrial operations and maintenance of devices. The production capacity is estimated at 150 thousand production units per year.

Production lines :

TV Monitors.
Washing machine and air-conditioner.
Small household appliances such as (iron – receiver – blender – recorder – computer – mobile phone).
Cards which represents a basic core for manufacturing electronic devices.


An important agreement was made with Haier Company so that the Saria Industrial Complex would be the exclusive agent for its high quality products inside Sudan.
Some electronic and electrical devices using the Saria brand were assembled (recorders – televisions – telephones – radios – blenders – lamps – irons – ceiling fans – stand fans).
The washing machine assembly line was implemented by technicians and factory worker with components from the local market.